Welcome to Indian Ocean Retreats, the UK's only independent tour operator 

offering the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles exclusively.


Over time, we've realised that most travellers are wanting the tropical island in their mind's eye without a fixed preference for any one of the Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles over the other. 

At Indian Ocean Retreats, we work to realise that image by crafting a holiday from insights gleaned from you. We take what you tell us about your requirements and your pet likes and peeves and make our recommendations based on a number of factors like who you are travelling with, when you want to go, what sort of atmosphere you wish to experience within your resort and what else you're interested in doing on holiday.

It's why we only offer tailor-made travel, ensuring your desert island dream can be crafted exactly how you'd want it, without compromise. We can even combine destinations for multi-centre holidays with perhaps 10 nights of switching off in quiet seclusion of an Indian Ocean retreat followed by a 3/4 night city break in the Middle East to ease you back to in to the pace of home or even splitting it slightly more evenly with a safari in Africa through for a seamless experience.

Deciding on your luxury resort can be overwhelming, how does one pick between website after website of equally dreamy resorts. Knowing which ones have the right vibe for you, we'll help you differentiate between them.

None of this can be done without really listening to you, learning about you and going from there. It's why nothing in your holiday is pre-packaged by us, everything is tailored to your wishes and your budget. Affordable luxury is not an oxymoron in the Indian Ocean.

Have a wander around our site and give us a call, without fear of obligation, we have no sales targets here. We're all about getting you the right experience for you.